Iowa – Part 2

I have been listening to a lot of “Fresh Air” podcasts over the last couple days. I stopped listening to nonmusical podcasts at work a while ago, and I’ve really fallen behind with my subscriptions. I’ve been catching up as I put a lot of miles on the rental car and a bunch of hours on the iPod.

I like a road trip. I like going somewhere, seeing new places and things, and being with people I know and like. Sadly, Lisa isn’t with me on this trip, so I’m getting all my conversation via “Fresh Air” in the hours between when I’m with my family and diabetes peeps.

Today was a short driving day, starting with a half-hour trip to see my brother. We hadn’t seen each other in a few years. It wasn’t a particularly easy visit, but it was good to finally catch up.

After that I got back in the car and followed the easiest Google Maps directions of all time. “Go west on Hwy 2 for about 2 hours and then turn left and right and left and you’re there.” Or something like that.

What followed was a fun afternoon and evening with Kim, Aaron, and Billy the corgi, involving food, ice cream, conversation, gossip, and barking. Now we’re relaxing and watching cartoons animated features on television while Kim weaves her Texting My Pancreas magic.

Tomorrow I’m going to see my mom and even more of my relatives. That’s worth at least five more hours of NPR interviews.

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