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Garden of the Gods

Yesterday, we left Casper and drove to Colorado Springs. This is part two of the Great Rectangular State Adventure of 2012—the part where we visit Lisa’s family and see if we can get run out of town just a head … Continue reading

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Lisa and I are finishing up the first part of The Great Rectangular State Adventure of 2012. We arrived in Denver on Saturday and drove up I-25 to Casper, Wyoming, to visit my mom and her husband. For those who … Continue reading

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“Are You Insane???”

A coworker wrote this to me earlier today: “Are you insane??? Just last week my wife and I were talking about hot places and we were looking up crazy things people do in Death Valley. I hope by donating I … Continue reading

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NYC Triathlon – Dead Fish, The Henry Hudson Parkway, and Running Dehydrated

Sunday I finished the Olympic-distance 2012 Aquaphor NYC Triathlon in 2:40:55, 886th best of the 3485 finishers. This race was my longest triathlon to date and was the one that got the whole “triathlon thing” started for me when Caroline … Continue reading

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Despite Diabetes

Scott Strange wrote an excellent post about accomplishments and diabetes and the way that people talk about what we do with our challenged pancreases. You should go read it now. I’ll wait. His observations touched on something I’ve been thinking … Continue reading

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NYC Triathlon in Pictures

I’ll tell you about the swim, bike, run shenanigans tomorrow Thursday. Here are some awesome photos from Lisa to hold you over until then. Swim Bike Run Shenanigans

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My Day

I brought my bike to work today for a fitting at the bike store just down the street. Then it will be time for a ride before hitting up the codez a little more.

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Trials – Monday, 5:45AM

I. Monday morning swims are always the hardest. Technically, Monday is a rest day on my plan, but the pool is only open three days a week during the summer, so I find myself getting up at 5:00 on my … Continue reading

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Bottle Rockets

Before I get started, I want to say that I hope my Canadian readers had a very happy Canada Day and are enjoying (or enjoyed) a Monday off! It’s hard to believe that I finished the tenth week of my … Continue reading

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Bike Porn

I did not want to bring this bike back to the store after my test ride Friday afternoon, so I took it home with me. I can’t wait to ride it like I stole it.

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