NYC Triathlon in Pictures

I’ll tell you about the swim, bike, run shenanigans tomorrow Thursday. Here are some awesome photos from Lisa to hold you over until then.





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3 Responses to NYC Triathlon in Pictures

  1. Céline says:

    I love that you plug your nose when you jump in the water.

    I hate that you had to swim through dead fish. I mean there are always dead fish in the water but you don’t usually have to see them.

    Good for you for soldiering on, for passing people and for genuinely kicking ass. Does that mean we get to call you an Olympian now?

  2. StephenS says:

    Jeff, great pictures. The one that got me was the one just before you went into the water. That’s always the toughest time for me. I just want to get started, and I don’t want to soak up any of the fear from anyone else in the group. So glad you finished well!

  3. Jeff Mather says:

    Céline: I’m not an Olympian, but it’s a cute thought. I held my nose because the drop was far enough that I didn’t want to spend the first few minutes of the swim getting saltwater out of my sinuses. I love jumping in the deep end of the pool, but I haven’t done it in a while. Hopping into the river and seeing all of the water churn around me in the seconds that it took me to resurface just made me so happy! It was a great way to start a race.

    Stephen: I love being on the starting line! It’s so full of possibility and promise and adrenaline. I pretty much just get into my own mental space and know that it’s my time to show what I’m made out of. I had been looking forward to starting for so many hours on Sunday morning that I only had the briefest moment of nerves while walking onto starting barge. Finally it was going to happen! Was I ready? It only took me a second or two to realize that I was completely good to go.

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