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I hope to post Lisa’s pictures tomorrow after I download them. Today, you get the race recap. My 1,000 2,000 words, if you will. Yesterday, I was running down Portland Avenue in Old Orchard Beach, less than a mile to … Continue reading

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Old Orchard Beach

Lisa and I are having a great time here in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Since we arrived on Friday, we have played mini golf, ridden on amusement park rides, gone on a driving tour to see lighthouses, walked on the … Continue reading

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The Best Bike Rides Are the Ones with Your Besties

I love riding my bike. That’s not a surprise to most of you, I’m sure. “Love” is not too strong of a word. Even the occasionally painful or tedious parts can’t dampen my ardor. Whether it’s spinning along on an … Continue reading

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What I’ve Learned about my CGM

I’ve been using a Medtronic Minimed continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for a little more than a year and a half now, and here’s what I’ve learned about it. Having CGM is the greatest thing. It’s a decision-support tool, a dashboard, … Continue reading

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Extra Extras!

I have extra diabetes stuff, and it can be yours if you need it. A few years ago, I switched from an older FreeStyle meter to a OneTouch meter. This left me with about 150 unused strips. I’m completely confident … Continue reading

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Catching Up, Part 1 – Colorado Springs and Denver

Hey, everybody! I haven’t intended to be so absent, but there’s a lot going on round these parts. Let’s go through the last few weeks and catch up, shall we? Colorado Springs by Bike: As you might remember, the last … Continue reading

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Not Dead

Hey, everybody! Sorry to keep you waiting for something new and interesting from me to read. (Assuming you ever find them interesting.) There are about a million things going on that I could tell you about, but I’m having trouble … Continue reading

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