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Doing Intervals for Fun

My girl Chrissie Wellington reminds us to have fun amidst all the OCD, type-A BS that is triathlon training: Someone asked me a few weeks ago “Chrissie, if you are not racing what is your goal for this year?” My … Continue reading

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Ready for Winter… Almost

Yes, friends, winter is coming and I’ll be missing riding outside several times a week. If only I could bottle everything that was fantastic about Sunday’s ride, I would take little sips from it all winter long and have no problem waiting for springtime. Continue reading

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Welcome to our POOL. Notice there is no “CGM” in it. – Wednesday, 5:45AM

Three of my last four CGM sensors have done really well, living longer than expected and giving really accurate readings until almost the very end. Each of those good ones had lasted at least a week before giving up the … Continue reading

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Diabetes Mitzvah

Today my diabetes turns 13. One of my Facebook friends suggested that I should throw it a Bar Mitzvah party, since it’s now of age and subject to the Law. Gone are the innocent “tween” years. I liked the Bar … Continue reading

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