Doing Intervals for Fun

My girl Chrissie Wellington reminds us to have fun amidst all the OCD, type-A BS that is triathlon training:

Someone asked me a few weeks ago “Chrissie, if you are not racing what is your goal for this year?” My goal? “It is to revel in sport for sports sake and really take the time to enjoy the moment.”

Having finished my 70.3 a few weeks ago, this is exactly where I’m at right now.

I’m taking an extra day off each week, and when I go out I usually make up the plan on the fly. “What do I want to do at the pool this morning? How about a set of three 400-yard hard efforts? Or maybe a nice 2,250 yard swim. . . .” Tuesday, my feet somehow found their way to the trail without much thinking on my part, and the four of us—my two feet, my thoughts, and I—had a nice six mile run on the almost empty bike path. Yesterday, I had a vague idea of where I wanted to ride, and I was feeling good, so it turned into an impromptu interval session, where I rode hard to a landmark—the top of a hill, the intersection with the highway, etc.—instead of going by time or heart rate. Wednesday, I mowed the lawn.

I’m racing a 5K this weekend because it’s in my town and follows almost exactly the same route that I’ve used for training over the last four summers. Yes, I’ll be using it to get training paces for the next big thing I will train for, but I’ll mostly be there to have fun and enjoy racing when there’s nothing really at stake. The last couple of “5K” runs that I’ve done to get training paces have seen me sprinting down the bike path by myself just racing the clock, and I’m really eager to be around other runners and enjoy the day.

The time to train again—probably for a half marathon in March—will arrive soon enough, but for now I’m just out to have fun.

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