Welcome to our POOL. Notice there is no “CGM” in it. – Wednesday, 5:45AM

Three of my last four CGM sensors have done really well, living longer than expected and giving really accurate readings until almost the very end. Each of those good ones had lasted at least a week before giving up the ghost. The one I started on the New York Thruway on my way to ride around Cayuga Lake with Scully went strong until the day before my half-Ironman two FULL weeks later.

Unfortunately, the most recent two sensors didn’t “die” so much as “drown.”

Usually, I can swim and my CGM sensor comes along for a little underwater trip, safely held in place by a Tegaderm dressing. But if the tape has a little gap, suddenly my CGM transmitter/sensor is flapping in the underwater breeze.

I knew before I left the house this morning that I should have changed the Tegaderm, but I was running late and still had to get the lawnmower out of the garage so that it could get repaired this morning. Wednesdays are crazy days at the pool, and I like to get there early to stake a claim on (part of) a lane before the place fills up. So I forgot to resecure the dressing. (But at least I remembered to put out the lawnmower . . . unlike a couple weeks ago. Oops! There’s a jungle growing out behind the house.)

Twenty-five yards into my 2,250 yard swim this morning I felt a little tugging on my midriff, and by the time I returned to where I started at the other end of the pool after a nice push-off from the wall during my turn, my CGM was barely holding on. This was the closest I’ve ever come to having it come off and drift to the bottom of the pool. (Let’s hope that never happens, BTW. I’m terrible at diving down to the bottom of the deep end.) At the end of the first of my 45 laps I had to stop, peel off the last bit of tape, and place the CGM sensor and transmitter on the pool deck. I checked every lap or two for the rest of the swim to make sure that someone hadn’t accidentally thrown away the $2,000 “trash” at the pool’s edge, which didn’t help my lap times much.

Here’s hoping the one I just started—my last one until the re-up arrives—survives Friday’s swim.

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2 Responses to Welcome to our POOL. Notice there is no “CGM” in it. – Wednesday, 5:45AM

  1. StephenS says:

    Jeff, I’m both crying and laughing with you right now. Good luck on the new sensor.

  2. Ditto what Stephen says.

    I am sure you’d be motivated enough to find your way to the bottom if you needed to. Heck, it would probably trigger a desire to add some sort of diving sport to your athletic arsenal. :-)

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