Los Angeles

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent a little time in Los Angeles recently. I arrived Sunday afternoon and had a few hours of daylight to sightsee. Monday, the day of the developer conference, I was wide awake at 4:00AM. While I was able to fall back to sleep for another hour, eventually the jet-lag won. I spent some time in bed with Facebook before getting ready for an early morning run through downtown LA.

I brought my running shoes with me because (a) there was so much room in my bag that I had to bring them, (b) I have a running plan to keep up with, (c) running keeps me centered, and (d) I’d run in so many other places this year that I thought it would be fun to run in one more city. (Let’s see . . . I’ve run in Milford and nearby towns; Barcelona; Hamilton, Ontario; Philadelphia; Vinton, Iowa; Minneapolis; New York City; Casper, Wyoming; Colorado Springs and Denver; Cincinnati; Old Orchard Beach, Maine; and Los Angeles. Whew!)

Downtown L.A. felt safe to me—and I certainly didn’t have anything on me to steal—but all of the homeless people on the street at 6:00AM definitely made it a different place than anywhere else I’ve run this year. At one point as I was going through an interchange, a couple of guys on their way to work (I presume) were using the crosswalk perpendicular to me. They had the right of way, and one of them called out a friendly “¡Ay, perro!”. I responded with an “¡Hola!” before I realized that he was talking to someone coming down the sidewalk from the other direction. He pretended to run a few yards with me. Sometimes I miss how friendly places other than New England usually are.

The conference itself was pretty good, but that’s a story for another day. I wish I’d had more time in the city, since I think I’m finally starting to see it in a new, less pessimistic way.

Here are some pictures, mostly from Sunday afternoon and evening.

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  1. Scully says:

    LOVE the pics! I’ve always wanted to see the Guggenheim up close.
    What an experience. Isn’t it totally rad how just a pair of running shoes can elicit such adventures no matter where you go in the world?

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