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The Announcement

This morning I did an extra-long, pre-holiday endurance swim of 4,000 yards. For the curious, that’s 2.27 miles and just short of an Ironman swim distance. Had I known beforehand, I might have done the extra 250 yards to get … Continue reading

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Repeal It

I originally wrote this post last Friday night and then, in a moment of doubt on Saturday morning, unpublished it. It wasn’t that I didn’t completely believe in the argument; I just wanted to make sure that it was the … Continue reading

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Going Nowhere

It’s here again. Yes, it is the holiday season, but I’m talking about the time of the year when those of us who love cycling (but also have day jobs) put the bike on the trainer and do a lot … Continue reading

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Sometimes you have to take the long view to get the big picture. I like the way the chart below suggests that I’ve broken through another barrier with my swimming. (I’ve gotten stuck on several plateaus over the years before … Continue reading

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Triathlon Tools for MATLAB

Recently I got tired of continually writing the same equations at the MATLAB command prompt to convert my swim, bike, and run times into paces in the format we’re used to seeing. Temporarily putting aside my laziness, I wrote a … Continue reading

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Hey, y’all! I know it’s been a bit quiet here—and that post-something-almost-everyday-in-November thing kind of fizzled—but I have a good excuse: I’ve been hard at work doing this.

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