Back from the Break

I had so many hopes for posting new dispatches here during the ridiculously awesomely long break from work between the 21st and the New Year. In fact, I had a huge list of topics to write about and a few posts hanging out in my drafts folder that just needed finishing. Instead I seem to have frittered my time away. :^)

What did I do instead of giving y’all something new to read?

  • Hung out lots with Lisa.
  • Cleaned the whole house . . . well, mostly.
  • Installed a new thermostat.
  • Stood in line at Barnes and Noble.
  • Wrapped gifts.
  • Listened to a bunch of podcasts and beaucoup de musique française.
  • Watched holiday Christmas films.
  • Mashed potatoes.
  • Spent lots of time with my mom and her hubs, who visited for about a week. We exchanged gifts, ate delicious food, watched holiday movies, talked, looked at each others’ travel photographs from the last year, and had a good time. We went on photography and sightseeing adventures to Cape Ann and to New Bedford. (Don’t knock New Bedord, peeps; they’ve got the best whaling museum around.) On the way back from the North Shore, we stood on a pier in East Boston in the wicked cold darkness to photograph the downtown skyline at night. In return, I subjected them to watching the Hawaii Ironman World Championships recap show, which is still sitting in my DVR queue.
  • Kicked ass at Scrabble.
  • Loved on the cat.
  • Ate chocolates and fancy cheeses.
  • Ran and biked “a few” times . . . including a very cold tempo run on the snowy high school track.
  • Did a bit of journal writing.
  • Read a little.
  • Put next year’s race/event schedule onto a 2013 at-a-glance calendar. It looks good!
  • Saw “Django Unchained” and the first “Hobbit” film. And “Hitchcock,” too.
  • Shoveled a shit-tonne of snow.
  • Watched a few Netflix films. “Pariah” is fantastic; you should watch it.
  • Worked through several chapters of The Ultimate French Review and Practice, which is quite good (as long as you already have a basic proficiency with the language).
  • Ate more glucose tablets than I can remember ever doing before because my BGs were bat-shit crazy the entire time for reasons I can only attribute to (1) moving my afternoon workouts to the morning and (2) not sitting in front of a computer all day long.
  • Pined for the swimming pool.
  • Caught up on my sleeping.

Perhaps now that I’m back in my regular routine, I’ll have more time to write here. Let’s hope.

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One Response to Back from the Break

  1. victoria says:

    Speaking of beaucoup de musique française, you still owe me a CD setlist. :)

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