Dirty Pictures

Six months ago, I bought a shiny new bike and posted some sexy pictures of it. I rode it the rest of the season, flew it to Colorado and Wyoming, took it through Death Valley, and loved every minute of our time together.

I haven’t ridden my beautiful bike much since Death Valley, preferring to log the miles after work on my tri bike in the basement instead of on the dark roads. And while I did ride up snowy Mount Greylock a couple years ago, in general I do not like riding on wintry roads. Last weekend the 40ºF (4ºC) temperature was warm enough—despite the fog and drizzle—to tempt me out for a three hour ride. As I was spinning down a road in Holliston I realized just how much I had missed being outside. It has inspired me to get outside as much as I can between now and spring.

But, man, did my bike get dirty.

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  1. victoria says:

    I love riding outdoors. I can’t stand my trainer. But this, this you already know.

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