Shill… I mean “chill”

It was pretty cold yesterday when I went out for the long run of the week: 12ºF (-11ºC). So I bundled up in the warmest running clothes I have.

I realized about half-way through my run that I looked like a total shill for Salomon, since I was wearing Salomon pants, jacket, hat/toque, and running pack. In fact, if it weren’t for the shoes—I wear Saucony these days— and gloves, I might as well have stepped right out of a catalog.

But the gear worked out exactly as I’d hoped: I didn’t get too cold, nor did I feel like I was carrying around extra bulk. The only downside to the weather and gear combo is that the water froze in my hydration pack a few times. Whenever I went longer than four or five minutes between drinks, the mouthpiece would start to ice up. Oh well. Such is winter in New England.

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3 Responses to Shill… I mean “chill”

  1. Dude, you are so hardcore.

    You know what I’m doing when it’s that cold outside? I’m busy trying to not be outside! :-)

    Keep moving, brother!

  2. Scully says:

    I’m a sucker for Salomon gear!

  3. victoria says:

    Freezing water means it’s TOO cold! ;)

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