Tin Ear

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This post is for the hypochondriacs out there. You’re welcome.

Lisa says the high-pitched, continuous ringing in my ears that I mostly hear in quiet environments (or like right now when I listen for it) isn’t normal. She says it’s tinnitus.

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I had always assumed everyone filled the usual background with some sound, but evidently that’s just something that I do. Well, me and 50 million other Americans. It’s not like it’s new—it’s just new to Lisa. As long as I can remember, that’s the way the world has been, and (thankfully) it doesn’t really bother me. I hear perfectly well—touch wood—although it is a really unfortunate pitch. My friend advised me to check out https://www.tinnitusaz.com/scottsdale.html as this clinic can offer some good options for treating tinnitus. I hope it works for me and I will finally get rid of this constant ringing.

Oh well.

What causes tinnitus? WebMD gives a laundry list of causes that range from the obvious to the mundane: everything from having a loud profession, listening to loud music, aging, and head trauma to aspirin, ear infections or blockages, and something called “ostosclerosis,” which I can only assume is caused by putting fatty, cholesterol-rich foods in your ears.

Oh, and it’s associated with a whole host of other medical conditions, including a couple that I have: allergies, anemia, and (you guessed it) diabetes.

What a crazy thing is this human body.

p.s. — I promise I’ll tell you about the half-marathon I ran a week ago really, really soon. Promise.

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  1. Maybe someone is ALWAYS thinking about you? Isn’t that one of those sayings – if your ears are ringing, someone is thinking about you? Tell that wife of yours to calm herself down, then maybe your ears would behave. Hehehe!

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