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Happy 8th!

Hey, little blog! Happy eighth birthday! It’s hard to believe that you now have 970 posts and over 1400 comments. We sure have been a lot of places since you were born right before we went to India, eh? What … Continue reading

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Siri, Tell Me about the Ultimate Diabetes Device

Diabetes Blog Week is technically over, but I still want to write about one of the topics: my dream diabetes device. I — In the past I’ve written about wanting an application that integrates all my current diabetes paraphernalia, my Carelink account, … Continue reading

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Gran Fondo

I was hanging out in the middle of the pack about 85 miles into the North Shore Tour de Cure “gran fondo” feeling a bit out of it. I was hanging on to the rider’s wheel ahead of me, but … Continue reading

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I should be writing today’s Diabetes Blog Week post about my ultimate diabetes device, but I really need to go to bed in a few minutes. Tomorrow I’m leaving Milford around 5AM to drive an hour to the start of … Continue reading

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I Want that other Kind of “Diabetes”

Diabetes Blog Week gets a little freaky this Friday . .  and frankly a little uncomfortable if taken seriously. “If you could switch chronic diseases, which one would you choose to deal with instead of diabetes?” Comparing chronic illnesses and wishing that … Continue reading

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Biggest accomplishment? No big deal.

Today’s Diabetes Blog Week posts encourage us to “share the greatest accomplishment you’ve made in terms of dealing with your (or your loved one’s) diabetes.” I won’t lie, my biggest accomplishment with diabetes is still a work in progress. It’s … Continue reading

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Presentation Titles

I’m trying to help a coworker come up with a presentation title for a conference later in the year. We want a fun title which is also relevant to image processing. Part of me wants to work in the phrase … Continue reading

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Remembering the Desert

Memories are the focus of today’s Diabetes Blog Week posts. Until recently, my most memorable day with diabetes would have been the day of my diagnosis 13+ years ago. It was such a life-changing event—cleanly separating my memories into before … Continue reading

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Cats: The Perfect Diabetes Service Animal

Today, the second day of Diabetes Blog Week, prompts us to think about petitions for diabetes. (For some context on why this is relevant to the community, read the DiabetesMine article.) I’m not really a big fan of petitions, so … Continue reading

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The Truth Comes Out

It’s here! Diabetes Blog Week has arrived again, and it’s time to let someone else help me figure out what to write about here. Today, we pretend that our health care providers are reading what we write. What would we … Continue reading

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Swim. Swim. Run.

There’s just no getting around it: Today’s NE Season Opener triathlon was wet. After what felt like the longest time away from triathlon—August’s 70.3 was my most recent—I had been looking forward to this race for quite a while. It … Continue reading

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Crash and Burn

Like a Sunburn: Two Mondays ago I had this conversation with my general practitioner. “A few weeks ago I was sick, and then, a week after feeling better, I started having some pain in my leg. It felt as if … Continue reading

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Let Me See Them Hands

I noticed a trend recently of hands showing up in my photographs from museums. Here are some of my favorites. Do you recognize any of these hands? (Click on any image to enlarge it. You can also start at the … Continue reading

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Patient-centered Care Works Better

Here’s some shocking news, as reported in the Reuters article “Patient-centered care linked to better outcomes.” Patients tend to do better when their doctors pay attention to their individual needs and circumstances, according to a new study. “In a sense … Continue reading

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When I was at my general practitioner’s office on Monday getting diagnosed with a case of shingles—more about that another time—I asked if I could get my A1c drawn in anticipation of my endo appointment on Thursday. My GP and … Continue reading

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