Happy 8th!

Hey, little blog! Happy eighth birthday!

It’s hard to believe that you now have 970 posts and over 1400 comments. We sure have been a lot of places since you were born right before we went to India, eh? What will the next eight years bring?

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4 Responses to Happy 8th!

  1. Lisa says:

    aw, happy belated birthday little blog.

  2. Nancy Patrick says:

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Awesome! Happy blogbirthday!

  4. Edward Phillips says:

    Jeff, my apologies for not immediately recognizing you last evening when I passed you in line at the alum picnic. A quick glance at my old grade books refreshed my mind. I should indeed fondly remember your essays for Humanities 102 back in 1995. You excelled in every area of that course, and I’m really happy to have been reminded of you— and also to read a bit about your life and work in recent years. I hope you are enjoying the reunion.

    Ed Phillips

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