Patient-centered Care Works Better

Here’s some shocking news, as reported in the Reuters article “Patient-centered care linked to better outcomes.”

Patients tend to do better when their doctors pay attention to their individual needs and circumstances, according to a new study.

“In a sense that sounds sort of obvious, but no one has ever showed that before,” said Dr. Saul Weiner, the study’s lead researcher.

Updated 6 May 2013: Lisa asked, “Why is this research necessary? I mean, it’s obvious isn’t it?” To which I responded, “Without the research, doctors can dismiss intuition and keep doing whatever it is they do now.”

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One Response to Patient-centered Care Works Better

  1. You know, it is obvious, but I think we’d all be surprised by how many obvious things don’t get backed (by insurance, medicare, etc.) because there is no data to support it.

    I used to see stuff like this as a waste of money, but now I think my perspective is shifting a bit. It’s more like the groundwork being laid in order to fight for the obvious stuff down the road.

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