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101 More Things

A few years ago, I decided to give the 101 Things in 1,001 Days challenge a go. That first attempt ended a couple months ago with decidedly mixed results. I completed 49 of the 101 things—which I think is quite … Continue reading

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In Praise of the Wetsuit

My good friend and fellow type-1 triathlete Céline recently wrote about how she is too stubborn to wear a wetsuit during triathlon. I started to write a response on her site, but it quickly became a post all of its … Continue reading

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This Is Triathlon. It’s What You Do.

I was walking my bike to the shuttle after the the Timberman Ironman 70.3 race yesterday when I had a “moment.” I had just talked briefly with Patricia Brownell‘s husband at her team’s tent. Once again—as seems usual for us—we … Continue reading

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I’m not sure whether it’s a good thing or not, but I feel really nonchalant about this Sunday’s Timberman 70.3 triathlon. I’ve already done three this season: a sprint, a 70.3, and an Olympic. Perhaps I’ve raced enough that there’s … Continue reading

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All Together Now: Integrating the Diabetes App

Hey, y’all. Sorry I’ve been mostly absent recently. I’ve been making stuff, and it feels pretty good. I don’t get to code quite as much as I used to at work, and this (*ahem*) little project has been giving me … Continue reading

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The Quabbin: Now with 50% more hills!

Scully came to visit last weekend for what will hopefully be a regular fixture in the year: the big summer bike ride. It was great! Last year, we rode around Cayuga Lake with Andy. This year, we decided to ride … Continue reading

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