101 More Things

A few years ago, I decided to give the 101 Things in 1,001 Days challenge a go. That first attempt ended a couple months ago with decidedly mixed results. I completed 49 of the 101 things—which I think is quite good—but I never accomplished a bunch of the things on the list that I thought were pretty do-able. Part of this is that triathlon came into my life in 2011, and consequently there wasn’t as much time for some of the other things, but many of them I really should have done. (For example, we were within a mile of four of the New England state capitols several times each but somehow never made it inside.)

Many items were quite specific, and life is choices; doing one thing on the list means not doing something else. I haven’t given up on many items, but I’ve decided to add (mostly) new things to the second 101 in 1,001 list, which starts tomorrow. I had been collecting ideas since June, but I didn’t get serious about creating the list until last weekend, when Lisa whipped out her iPad as we drove up to the 70.3 and transcribed what was rattling around in my brain. By the time we got home a day later, we had about two-thirds of the list. I’m very happy about is how many of the things on this list involve other people. If I don’t get to do anything else on my list except going places and meeting up with other people, I’ll still be pretty happy.

I decided to organize the items on the list into a few broad categories, which are more or less what I like to do:

  • Travel
  • Swim, Bike, Run, &c
  • Cooking and Food
  • Visiting People
  • Making and Fixing
  • Film, Television, and Music
  • Everything else

That last category truly is a hodgepodge.

Wish me luck!

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3 Responses to 101 More Things

  1. Kelley says:

    Wow, what an awesome idea! I am definitely motivated by goals so this would be perfect for me, although 1,001 days seems so long term for me. Good luck! and I love your first list!

  2. victoria says:

    OK… so if this was written in August, then Sept. 21 is included. Coming to Tennessee with your lovely bride will cover items in at least four of those broad categories. The weekend of the ride is also the Americana Music Festival in Nashville, so we can add another thing to you music list.

    Also, I am all about the food, and Nashville has great food. In fact, Bon Appétit just named a Nashville restaurant one of its Top 10 hot spots. Add to your list my friend. :)

    Can you tell I’m excited about seeing you and Lisa on Ride weekend?!

  3. victoria says:

    OK, wait. I’m back because I just saw your actual 2.0 list. Fried chicken? Yes. Emmylou Harris — maybe. She’s part of the awards show in Nashville Sept. 18. You should also add the JDRF ride on the Natchez Trace to your list. ;) And for what it’s worth — the kayaking and canoeing can easily be crossed off on the Tennessee trip as well. I’m just saying. :)

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