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JDRF Nashville

You are all very generous people. Close to one hundred people supported JDRF on my behalf, donating $12,275. That’s a lot of money to help develop new treatment options and find a cure for diabetes. I just can’t say exactly … Continue reading

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M. F. N. Pl. Nominative: der die das die Accusative: den die das die Genitive: des der des der Dative: dem der dem den Nominative: ein eine ein — Accusative: einen eine ein — Genitive: eines einer eines — Dative: … Continue reading

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There’s still time!

Hey, readers! It’s almost time for the inaugural Nashville JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes. In fact, a week from today, Lisa and I are flying down to Tennessee for the event. I’m very excited! Last year, we raised over $12,000 … Continue reading

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14 Years, 14 Miles, and No More Diet Coke

Today is a big day. Fourteen years ago today I was diagnosed with diabetes. And this is my 1,000th post here. I. A D-Day Run — Last year, I went trail running on the 13th anniversary of my diabetes diagnosis. It was … Continue reading

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Tu oso bebe cerveza

You might remember that I started to learn Spanish last fall. That went pretty well, but I knew at the end of those ten weeks that my knowledge was still very basic. Now, almost a year later, I’ve restarted my … Continue reading

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