M.     F.     N.    Pl.
Nominative:  der    die    das    die
Accusative:  den    die    das    die
Genitive:    des    der    des    der
Dative:      dem    der    dem    den

Nominative:  ein    eine   ein    --
Accusative:  einen  eine   ein    --
Genitive:    eines  einer  eines  --
Dative:      einem  einer  einem  --

It’s been years since I declined a noun. It was more than 16 years ago in Greek 102, in fact. (“ἡ γυνη σπευδει προς τῶν ἀγρῶν.”) But Berlin beckons, and I will be able speak a little German while I’m there next month, dammit! I know, I know. You can get by with English only, but . .  Well, I’ll let this passage from “Before Sunrise” sum it up:

Jesse: Excuse me, excuse me uh, sprechen Sie English? (Do you speak English?)

Man with jacket: Ja, of course.

Man with tie: Couldn’t you speak German for a change?

Jesse: What?

Man with tie: No, it was a joke.

Jesse: Well, listen, we just got into Vienna today, and we’re looking for something fun to do.

Céline: Like museums, exhibitions, things…

Man with tie: But museums are not that funny any more these days, uh…

Man with jacket: Uh, (looking at watch) but they are closing right now. How long are you going to be here?

Jesse: Just for tonight.

Man with tie: Why did you come to Vienna? What, uh, what could you be expecting?

Jesse: (Perplexed.) Uh…

Céline: We’re on honeymoon.

Jesse: Yeah, she got pregnant, we had to get married, you know.

Man with tie: (Points at Jesse.) You know I don’t believe you, you’re a bad liar.

Anyway, now that I’m studying German, I’m back to conjugating verbs and declining nouns and adjectives. And I’ll just say this: I think Greek was easier.

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