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Jet Lag and Swimming Anxiety… Saturday 5:30AM

It’s a bit after 5:30 on Saturday morning as I type this by tapping away on my phone’s little keyboard. Jet-lag has been working its power over me for the last hour and a half. Its mojo is strong this … Continue reading

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How Glucose Works

I want to talk about glucose a bit. People with diabetes (and our caregivers) think about it all the time, but we’re usually just thinking about blood glucose. That makes sense, because that’s the part we’re most actively trying to … Continue reading

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Céline’s post about medals the other day got me thinking about the subject. (1) I have kept medals from all the events which gave them out. For a while they were being held on the wee, stubby arms of Melvin … Continue reading

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Skiing Around the House

How does one ski in the living room? It looks a bit like this. I didn’t actually use my poles in the living room. Those things are sharp and wouldn’t be too friendly for the rug or hardwood floors. Well … Continue reading

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Fun Fun Fun

Fun links apropos nothing at all: Becoming a biathlete — That one’s for you, Alex. Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc — Just in case Ironman gets too easy, it’s nice to have something in reserve. Nothing to see here, Lisa. Nothing … Continue reading

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Shenanigans… Or the one about falling down

A year ago I took a couple of cross-country ski lessons. It had been over twenty years since I skied in high school, and I was never really good at it. Nevertheless, I figured that I could just jump back … Continue reading

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World’s Best Swim Technique

What does one of the best distance swimmers look like when setting a world record at the 1500m? I edited down the 20 minutes of television footage (of which 14:31.02 is actually the race) and it looks a little like … Continue reading

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The Training Plan

In a comment on my most recent post, Stephen wanted to know what my training plan looked like. So here it is. Actually, it’s two plans. The first part started yesterday and continues through the 23rd of February. During this … Continue reading

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And So It Begins

Today is the first Monday of the new year. What better time to restart triathlon training? Actually I was going to restart last week, our first week home after vacation, but I had a strange tightness in my hip, probably … Continue reading

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Did you know that if you say the journal name “Diabetologia” three times real fast, Wilfred Brimley appears? It’s true.

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Polar Plunge

On the 20th, Alex and I decided that we would go for a quick dip in the Ashland Reservoir, where we swim in the summer, on the first morning of the new year. Sure it was going to be cold, … Continue reading

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