Runner, Interrupted

There was a great story, Runner, Interrupted, in last month’s Runner’s World about Kenyan/Alaskan runner Marko Cheseto, who was a stand-out collegiate runner before losing both of his feet to frostbite. RW‘s Joe Pugliese writes a compelling article about Cheseto’s path from rural Kenya to Alaska, the events that led to him collapsing on a snowy trail where he lay for 55 hours, and his return to running. It is likely that we will see and hear more about him in the coming years.

“When people face challenges in life,” he says, “they spend so much time going back to, ‘How did it happen?’ and ‘Why did it happen?’ They spend so much time trying to judge themselves on what happened instead of forging ahead, instead of thinking of ways of going through it an making life better. I still have to do things in my life and one of those is being a professional runner. Having had over 10 years of competing, I have that in me now. I need to compete again.”

Definitely check it out.

(One thing I learned from a postscript to the article: There are no distance running events in the Paralympics.)

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