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Diabetes Exercise Physiology 200 – Intro

A couple of years ago, Heather Leide, the awesome coach of the Pancremaniacs, convinced me to purchase a TeamWILD training plan as I prepared for my first 70.3 event. I was most interested in the “having someone tell me how … Continue reading

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On Your Left

Last week a few people I know linked to “The Great Bilateral Breathing Controversy.” (Hi, Céline!) For those who don’t know, most swimmers have a preference for which way they turn their heads when they breathe while doing freestyle. I … Continue reading

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I pick things up and put them down

On Tuesdays and Thursday mornings I go to the office gym (shown above). Before starting this Ironman plan, I wasn’t much of a believer in strength training. Stretching and core work, sure, that made sense. Lifting, however, just seemed like … Continue reading

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Speed of Carbs

On Tuesday I had a little conversation with a coworker about carb-loading. (He ran a 2:23 on Monday, finishing 41st in the Boston Marathon and 33rd among men.) “I crammed so many carbs in the days leading up to the … Continue reading

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2014 Boston Marathon in Pictures

It was a beautiful day to watch the marathon—our first real spring day—and it was a fantastic race. There was so much excitement in the crowd at Natick Common—which was bigger than usual—and then (back at my desk) watching Meb … Continue reading

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First Race of the Year

It’s Marathon Monday, the best day of the year. Most years I look forward to this day for weeks. After last year’s emotional day, I’ve been waiting for today for a full year. And it’s finally here! Since then, I … Continue reading

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Diabetes Stuff and Its Cost

Here’s my take on last week’s kerfuffle concerning the NY Times article about diabetes improvements and their high costs: That’s all of my diabetes stuff . . . and that doesn’t include the pump and continuous glucose monitor (CGM) transmitter that I’m currently … Continue reading

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On Sunday night, Lisa and I saw Emmylou Harris in concert. We’ve seen her in concert a couple of times before, but this time was very, very special. It was everything I had ever wanted in an Emmylou concert. Daniel … Continue reading

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