Chafing at the Bits

Please pardon the really bad pun in this post’s title.

Last Sunday’s triathlon had a lot of successes: Getting 20 minutes faster on the same course in two years’ time. A new 70.3 PR. Faster transition times. A good hydration strategy. One of my strongest swims ever. Etc. Etc.

Another thing that worked out very well and gives me hope for the Ironman next year is how everything worked out “down there.” Let’s just say that, until recently, any race on my tri bike longer than an Olympic’s 40 kilometers resulted in unpleasant chafing.

But this . . .

Chamois Butt'r

. . . plus this . . .

Body Glide

. . . plus this . . .

TYR Carbon tri short

. . . plus especially this . . .

Specialized Romin Evo channel saddle

. . . yields this:

Happy Jeff

If you ride, you should try ‘em out

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