Somehow I simultaneously (1) brought down my estimated A1c over the last 30 days, (2) reduced the variability of my readings overall, and (3) added many more outliers.

Diabetes data - December 2014

The true outliers (the red “+” markers) are mostly on the higher side, while the range of “normal” values (i.e., the width of the bell curve, represented by the dashed lines) has shrunk in the latter parts of the day and grown overnight and in the morning. At least that’s what the sensor data says. I’ve definitely been having more hypos over the last few weeks.

My awesome endo and I will definitely have lots to talk about tomorrow morning.

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2 Responses to Changes

  1. Irrational John says:

    So, the graphs? Does the upper one track your SG (sensor glucose)? The lower one is apparently BG results from your meter, yes? It’s hard to parse just those values without having some idea what your carb intake & exercise were during those times. (Things which could be implicit to you if you follow a routine consistently.)
    I’m puzzled by that the extremes in the upper chart on the right seem greater than those in the lower. Especially at 9am? Or am I misreading?

  2. Irrational John says:

    Oh. It only took 14 hours or so to dawn on me that your graphs/charts/illustrations are not from the Medtronic web version of Carelink. How were they created?
    Have you switched over to Dexcom from Medtronic & I didn’t notice it because I’ve been cherry picking your blog entries for CGM related entries?
    One of the things that drives me wacky about Carelink is I can NOT find a (good) way to compare the accuracy of the sensor glucose (SG) relative to my meter BG readings. Anything which would allow me to compare & contrast the BG & SG results would be of interest to me.

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