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Ski Report 2015

We have had very little snow here. And it’s been warm. Driving to the ski track on Wednesday everything was winter brown. How would the skiing be? Fortunately, Weston’s snowmakers had plenty of cold temperatures to work with recently, and … Continue reading

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Heart Rate Training

Céline asked questions about heart rate training recently, and I started to answer them there. But my comment turned out to be longer than her post, so I decided to put it here instead. Here’s the low-down on heart rate … Continue reading

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Quality, Not Quantity

From Matt Dixon’s newish book, The Well-Built Triathlete: Turning Potential Into Performance. If you spend lots of time adding up weekly training hours and monthly totals, it’s time to put your pen down. If your lens on training success is … Continue reading

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More Power!

Hello, winter! You’ve finally arrived. Most years, it’s not long after Labor Day in September that I head down to the “love dungeon” to ride. I still try to get outside on the weekends, but most rides happen indoors now. … Continue reading

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Maintain, Don’t Gain

The FitWorks staff–”MathWorks” + “fitness” = “FitWorks.” Get it?–who run the gym double as our health and wellness people. For the last several years, they’ve been running a “maintain, don’t gain” program between American Thanksgiving and New Years. The challenge … Continue reading

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