Ski Report 2015

Wintertime outdoor fun-makers

We have had very little snow here. And it’s been warm. Driving to the ski track on Wednesday everything was winter brown. How would the skiing be?

Fortunately, Weston’s snowmakers had plenty of cold temperatures to work with recently, and the snow was really good despite being man-made, rained upon, and groomed to within an inch of its life. It was fast but not icy. “If—I mean—when I fall,” I thought, “it won’t hurt so much.” And, based on all of my previous outings, I was going to fall. And fall I did, usually in the same place on the track, but I wasn’t getting hurt (unlike two years ago).

Let’s just face it: I am not (yet) good at skiing. It’s a technique-intensive sport, and I’m more-or-less a complete newbie with very little natural rhythm or balance. But I’m getting better at it—if you consider the number of times I fall—and I’m having fun. Honestly. Well, mostly. Although I have to say, I think I have more hope that I’ll have lots of fun later going around the track than actual fun now.

As Lisa says, “It didn’t kill me, and I know I could do better.”

And I really can do better. After all, it took me two years to learn how to swim.

So I’ve been watching YouTube videos about basic skate technique. Mostly I’m trying to stay out of the way of the better skiers and not fall down in front of them. I’m excited to get back to the track.

It helps that I have a friend who is equally green. She’s a competitive sort, though, and somehow she’s already better than me. Anyway, she really wants to race badly. (Or is it “badly wants to race?”) This is far lower on my list of priorities than hers, but I’m easily talked into things. We came to an agreement: When we could do the 1K loop in a particular time, we would become back of the pack ski racers together.

Here are my goals:

  • Have fun!
  • Ski the 1km loop at Weston without falling.
  • Ski the 1km loop at Weston in 4:00. Start racing afterward.
  • Learn to do “1 skate” well.
  • Learn to “offset skate” uphill well.

Oh, and I learned the basics of waxing skis.

Waxing setup


Wax shavings

Ready to go!

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