OMG, A Meme!

It’s been a while since I participated in an internet meme, but I kinda liked this when I saw it over at Scully’s place this morning. So here goes.

1. Four names that people call me other than my real name:

  1. Chief, slick, champ, ace, etc. (Okay, Alex is the only one who ever does this.)
  2. Iccabod (way back in high school)
  3. Sweetheart (Alright, Lisa is the only one allowed to say this.)
  4. Hey man! Dude! Homie! Amigo! Muchacho! etc.

2. Four jobs I’ve had: (that aren’t my career of choice at present)

  1. Technical support for MATLAB
  2. Customer service for a Facebook-like web company
  3. Technical support in the college computer labs
  4. Mathematics tutor

3. Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

  1. In the Mood for Love
  2. “The Philadelphia Story”
  3. “Some Like It Hot”
  4. “Christmas Story” and the 1984 “A Christmas Carol” with George C. Scott… usually in that order on Christmas Eve.

4. Four books I’d recommend:

  1. Cowboys and East Indians by Nina McConigley
  2. Middlesex by Geoffrey Eugenides
  3. The Well-Built Triathlete by Matt Dixon
  4. Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco

5. Four places I’ve lived:

  1. Greater Boston, Massachusetts
  2. Des Moines and Grinnell, Iowa
  3. Casper, Wyoming
  4. Troutdale, Oregon

6. Four places I’ve visited: (all of these were with Lisa)

  1. Australia (2010)
  2. India (2005)
  3. The Canadian Rockies (Lisa and I honeymooned there for about two weeks in 1997)
  4. Nebraska (So. Many. Miles. Between. Iowa. And. Wyoming.)

7. Four things I prefer not to eat:

  1. Shrimp
  2. Any kind of squash (except for pumpkin pie)
  3. Most kinds of melons
  4. Well-done meat

8. Four of my favorite foods:

  1. French pastries
  2. Hard cheeses
  3. Really good chocolates
  4. Rare steaks

9. Four TV shows I watch:

  1. “The Walking Dead”
  2. “The Americans”
  3. “The Amazing Race”
  4. “Dexter”

10. Four things I’m looking forward to this year:

  1. June: Lisa’s birthday
  2. July: JDRF Ride to Cure in Burlington, Vermont (Support me!)
  3. September: Ironman Wisconsin
  4. December: Patagonia!

11. Four things I’m always saying:

  1. “That’s interesting.”
  2. “Let me look into that and get back to you.”
  3. “One more.” (usually to get myself through interval training)
  4. “Thanks!”

How about you?

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6 Responses to OMG, A Meme!

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  2. Scully says:

    I’m so glad I started a silly meme! I love these kinds because it makes me think a lot. Yours makes you super smart and intelligent but I already knew that ;)

    The “that’s interesting” that you say all the time made me laugh because you totally say that a lot!

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  4. k2 says:

    I LOVE “The Philadelphia Story,” and Middlesex is on my book list!
    Also: I don’t watch the “Walking Dead,” because I’m a big chicken, but I do have a question.
    How the heck did the zombie apocalypse actually start?

  5. Jeff Mather says:

    “C.K. Dexter Haven! Oh, Mr. C.K. Dexter Haven!” — I love almost everything about that film.

    As for what starts the zombie apocalypse . . . who knows? I don’t think the show has ever suggested a cause. And I think that’s okay. Sometimes you find yourself in trying situations, and it just is what it is, I guess.

  6. Joanne says:

    Yay for Amazing Race love!

    And mmmmmmm, rare steak. The other day we were eating out at a steak house and my daughter had ordered a steak of the kids menu, but wanted to try my rib eye, medium rare. One bite and she abandoned her steak and proceeded to mooch off my plate.

    Thanks for the heads up on missing #8 on my post. Not sure what happened there.

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