Super-Fun (and Slow) Ski Time

Two hours!

I am a tired man! I skied for two hours tonight. I’m still not very efficient at it, so I didn’t coverage much distance: 8.7 miles. But, oh mon dieu it was vigorous. Despite my best efforts not to push too hard, my heart rate was ridiculously high the whole time. Waah!

Robyn's Purple Hat of Victory

I skied with my fellow newbie and friend, Robyn. We’ve both made big improvements in our abilities. After a very good ski lesson last Thursday, I was hoping to be able to keep up with her better, but she’s got the madskillz and is still out-pacing me. We did figure out how to keep the two of us mostly skiing together; she just needs to ski without poles. When I watch her, I can see the spark of talent and hope that I’ll get there, too. The good news is that every time I ski, I get a little bit better.

I had been skiing for about a half-hour before Robyn showed up, and I was feeling on-form. I did 1-skate (V2), 2-skate (V2a), and a little bit of offset (V1). I skied without poles for about 10 minutes, and I did some double-poling. The first hour was fun. The next hour was really hard, y’all! My triceps and abs and rhomboids and everything else above my navel were wicked tired. It was a bit less fun, but still enjoyable with the company I kept.I think tonight I will just relax a tub of epsolm salt and check out the the newest Head Kore 93 2018 Ski Review | InTheSnow for some light reading. Am I obsessed? I prefer to call it passionate! hahaha

Robyn, My Beard, and Me

Tomorrow, I have my second lesson. I have some questions. Let’s see if I have any breakthroughs.

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