January and February Round-up

My good friend Céline gives a report each month on her fitnessing. It’s kinda cool, so I decided to do the same thing for myself this year. It’s not a competition; everyone should follow her own plan, listen to what his body needs in terms of rest, take into account everything else going on in life, and have fun. Just doing it (whatever it is) is important. This is just where I’ve been and what I’ve done. Clearly there is something wrong with me.

Oh, and I’m counting all of the shoveling I’ve done if it lasted an hour or longer and caused me to skip another workout on the plan.

January — 40 workouts:

  • Swim: 9 times
  • Bike: 12 times (2 of them outdoors)
  • Run: 9 times (Only 2 of them outdoors)
  • Strength: 4 times
  • XC skiing: 3 times
  • Plus . . . A 10km row on New Year’s Day, and whole bunch of snow shoveling.

February — 31+ workouts:

  • Swim: 7 times (The pool was closed a lot because of snow and school vacation.)
  • Bike: 7 times (None of them outdoors, but I did ride 130 miles indoors one day. So there’s that.)
  • Run: 6 times (None of them outdoors)
  • Strength: 1 time
  • XC skiing: 8 times
  • Plus . . . Even more snow shoveling!

Maybe if I have enough time I’ll circle back around and fill in distances, too.

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One Response to January and February Round-up

  1. Nancy says:

    Keep up the post! Interesting to read, and encourages me to be more active.

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