Boston Marathon 2015

Monday was the Boston Marathon, and for the first time I was at the finish line in Boston.

My cousin from Wisconsin qualified for Boston and stayed at our house on marathon weekend. Sunday, we all went to the expo—which was huge—before taking a short tour of the Back Bay and Boston Common. It was a beautiful day. Monday—race day—was cool, windy, and intermittently rainy . . . not exactly the weather we had hoped for.

Lisa and I dropped my cousin in Hopkinton and then headed to Heartbreak Hill in Newton where we watched all of the leaders go through mile 21. Some college classmates were manning the water station at the top of the hill, and it was a great place to watch the race. We then took the T and headed into the madness that is the finish. It took us forever to meet up with my cold shivering cousin, who did really well, especially considering the conditions: 3:40.

Here are some photographs from the weekend!

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