March and April Round-up

I workout. A lot. It seems to have become what I do.

It all started in 2009 when I started cycling and running again. And then it really ramped up when I started doing triathlons. Now, with Ironman training, I’m working out as many times as before, they just take longer. My Ironman plan started on March 16th, and I’m now finishing week 7. (Next week is a recovery week, and I’m really happy about that!)

At the end of February I recapped the first two months of fitnessy fun. For those keeping score at home, here are the details for March and April.

March — 36 workouts

  • Swim: 10 times, 8:13 (One of those was merely five minutes long because the fire alarm went off. Exciting!)
  • Bike: 4 times, 5:43 (One of these rides was outside! Of course, I forgot to wear my helmet over my balaclava . . .)
  • Run: 13 times, 10:48 (About half were outside.)
  • XC Skiing: 4 times, 3:48 (All of those happened in the first 8 days of the month, including a biathlon!)
  • Strength: 5 times

April — 38 workouts

  • Swim: 11 times, 10:58
  • Bike: 6 times, 13:29 (All outside!)
  • Run: 13 times, 11:56 (Includes one run to the store to buy sausage for dinner.)
  • XC Skiing: None. (Sad face. Part of me wants to get roller skis, but that would mean less running?)
  • Strength: 8 times
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