Pimp My Ride

It’s the time of the season for riding my bike to and from work. It’s bright in the morning. The temperatures are warm . . . well, warm enough. And the crack in Tommy V’s carbon fiber chainstay is fixed. I’m aiming to ride twice a week, which leaves plenty of time for running and swimming and—I’m really trying here—strength training.

Last Friday I started swimming at the reservoir. The pool is closed for the school year, although it will reopen in a couple weeks for those of us looking for some speed and strength workouts. It’s great being back at the lake! The water is still cool, but it’s warm enough for a sleeveless wetsuit. The first couple hundred yards are cool, but after that it’s perfect for swimming fast!

Today and last Friday I put my bike on the car at 5:30, drove to the lake, swam, and then rode my bike 10 miles to work. Friday I found a 20-mile route from the office back to the ‘res. Today’s ride was slightly more direct at 16 miles.

After my swim this morning, Sir Alex discovered that my car was going to be hanging out a couple miles from her house all day without me. When I arrived back at the lake this afternoon, I saw her handiwork. I love my crazy friends!

Lots of leis

Not a parking ticket

IM Wisconsin training

I got lei'ed

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