Come What May (Round-up)

“It’s the First of June,” I told myself on the way to work this morning. “Huh. I guess it’s time to recap the last month of fitnessy good times.” Between working from home, volunteering, and riding my bike to work, it was the first time I drove to the office in 12 days.

May — 48 workouts

  • Swim: 10 times, 7:40, 23,375 yards (The pool was closed a lot in May.)
  • Bike: 19 times, 23:22, 367 miles (Eight of these were commutes. Five other rides were with Lisa.)
  • Run: 13 times, 13:31, 92.8 miles (There was a lot of exploring new roads in my neighborhood.)
  • Walk: Once, 2:29, 9.1 miles (I’ve been doing the same charity walk every year since 1999. This year I ran part of it.)
  • Kayak: Once, for about an hour. (Super-duper fun!)
  • Strength: 4 times

Stats for the previous months

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  1. Celine says:

    Yay you! Nicely done.

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