So Much Fitnessing: July Round-up

Forgive me, dear readers, for being so late with the details about last month’s swim/bike/run activities. I have a few ride and travel posts in the hopper—including one about the JDRF ride and another about my ride through the Front Range on vacation—but those will have to wait until the weekend.

It was a busy month, fitness-wise, and I like the results of where I am. Everything is coming together nicely for Ironman Wisconsin on September 13.

  • Swim: 11 times, 10:03, 30,550 yards (17.4 miles, or 27.9 km) — Only 2 were open-water this month.
  • Bike: 15 times, 34:44, 562 miles (904 km) — So much climbing!
  • Run: 13 times, 14:18, 96 miles (154 km) — It still doesn’t feel like I’m marathon training.
  • Etc: 1 hike/walk, 1 zip-line canopy tour
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