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A few weeks ago, Victoria asked me about “spreadsheeting.” I mentioned that I keep track of my triathlon details in Excel, and she wanted me to tell her about that workbook. Here goes. First the basics. Every triathlon I’ve done … Continue reading

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Powisset Farm Trail Race

I’ve been on a bit of a tear this month when it comes to racing. I did a 5K trail race on my birthday (the 4th) and a 4-mile trail race the next weekend (on my Mom’s birthday) where I … Continue reading

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Swim Cards Against Humanity

A few days back, Caroline asked about the Swim Speed Workouts card deck by Sheila Taormina that I’ve been using for the last 2-3 winters. So I thought I’d give a little review. Swim Speed Workouts is a combination of … Continue reading

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I’m Feeling Lucky

Things I Googled this evening: Dexcom G5 Animas Vibe — As in, “Does the Dexcom G5 work with the Animas Vibe?” — It doesn’t look like it . . . yet. Of course, to communicate with the G5 the Animas has to talk … Continue reading

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Many thanks to Lisa for the excellent picture from our post-work ride yesterday.

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Go, Jeff! It’s Your Birthday!

Sunday I ran a 5K on the trails. I was missing competition and feeling like a slacker in the three weeks since my IM, so I decided to lace up my new trail-running shoes and have at it. Plus, they … Continue reading

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Hey, y’all. Sorry to be absent recently. I’ve been pretty busy with work. Part of that led me to La ville de Québec, where I attended IEEE’s International Conference on Image Processing. That was fun! I had a few goals: … Continue reading

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