I’m Feeling Lucky

Things I Googled this evening:

Dexcom G5 Animas Vibe — As in, “Does the Dexcom G5 work with the Animas Vibe?” — It doesn’t look like it . . . yet. Of course, to communicate with the G5 the Animas has to talk Bluetooth, and I don’t know if it’s likely to do that anytime soon.

Men swimming with Animas Vibe — Where would I put an insulin pump when swimming? I’m not saying the lady folk have it easy, but there’s not very much room to stash stuff in my swimmers. Sadly, this did not turn up anything more helpful than “clip it to your swimwear.” When I’m wearing a wetsuit and/or tri kit, this should be straightforward: just stuff it in a pocket. But I’m not sure about the pool. Hmm, maybe it will stay put if clipped onto the back waistband of my swimmers. Hmm.

It should be pretty obvious that I’m ready to try something new, starting with the Dexcom CGM, since I’m pretty unhappy with the Medtronic Enlite. Time to make some phone calls.

BTW, I learned that Dexcom can integrate with TrainingPeaks via the Share app. Sweet!

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One Response to I’m Feeling Lucky

  1. Victoria says:

    I’m looking at Omnipod, but I like the idea of the Vibe because I will be able to see my Dex graph in the pool. I didn’t know Dex could integrate with Training Peaks, and I think that will be beneficial for me. Also, I clip my Ping to my suits in the back (either at the top or the bottom, depending on the suit.) It doesn’t move, and I’ve not had any trouble with it. That should work for you in the pool, too, I’d think. FYI… https://instagram.com/p/y24MMqF4TP/?taken-by=victoriacumbow

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