I haven’t ridden my bike very much since the Ironman. Just 8 times between the 14th of September and the 16th of November. I’ve enjoyed all of the cycling I have done, but for one reason or another I just haven’t really given the bike much love. I mean, I hadn’t even put the pedals back on Chrissie, my tri bike, until last night.

I was feeling a little manic yesterday evening, and Lisa suggested that maybe I needed a workout. I had skipped my run earlier in the day because my right calf is pretty tight after last weekend’s trail race. [1] So I took Chrissie downstairs to the love dungeon, set up the bike in the trainer, put on the pedals, and fired up TrainerRoad with a SufferFest video (“The Rookie“).

The title of the video always reminds me of this scene from “Training Day.”

With so long away from the bike and no structured training in over two months, I did seem a bit like a rookie. The workout felt harder than it probably should have, and I didn’t do the whole thing, since it was already starting to get a bit late in the evening. I did do enough to take the edge off my mania and keep Lisa from getting annoyed with me, though.

Tonight I’m heading back down to the basement to do another workout. It will probably be an FTP test to find out where I should set my training effort. *whimper*

The Rookie in the Love Dungeon

1 — Sunday I raced the 10.5K Durtyfeets trail race in the Upton State Forest. It’s my backyard race, and I knew most of the trails well. “Oh look! That’s where I fell on the ice.” And “Hey! This is that little bit extra I tacked on to get a full 13.1 miles when I ran from the forest to the lake and back.” I didn’t pace the beginning well, and by the time that I got to the uphill single-track sections that were too narrow for passing, I was already gassed but felt like I needed to go that speed for the benefit of the people behind me. Of course, when I got to the downhill sections I had to dial it way back because the two guys directly ahead of me were being super cautious. Grr! Then again, I almost bought it when I hopped over a rock to take a shortcut through the woods to pass them. Tee hee!

I finished in 55:26, good enough for 22nd of 111 (male and female) and third in my age group. It was a tough race! [back...]

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