First Thoughts on the Dexcom G5

Blip 2016-03-28

I’m coming up on the end of my first Dexcom G5 sensor, which is to say six days. (Yes, I’ll be trying to restart it and see how good zombie sensors can be.) So far I’m really pleased. It largely tracks my blood glucose, often to within a few mg/dL, which is pretty impressive. It hasn’t had any unexpected dips and bounces where it showed my BG changing in absurd ways.

As for exercise, my experience has been mostly positive.

After swimming with it twice—this morning and five days ago—the sensor still seems firmly attached. Following some advice from a few online peeps, I did cut a hole in a piece of Tegaderm and place that over the site of the sensor. (Covering the entire thing is not recommended.) I put the receiver inside two Ziploc bags and kept it at the end of the pool to see what happened. As expected, I lost reception while swimming, but when I stopped between swim sets with my sensor just out of the water, it picked up the signal and gave me a value on the receiver. Nice!

When I went for a bike ride, the sensor gave extremely accurate results. It was encouraging to see a smoothly changing curve, rather than the (incorrect) massive downward swings from the Minimed Enlite. Running has been a mixed bag. On Friday (day 3), during my treadmill run, I had yet another smooth graph with readings that matched at each endpoint. Yesterday (day 5), my CGM reading started to drop quickly right after I started before leveling off after I ate a bunch of food. My fingerstick readings at the end show there wasn’t the massive dip, and the CGM graph more-or-less caught back up with reality after about 20 minutes. (You can see the craziness on the left of the picture above.) I’ll be keeping my eye on this, but I’m still pretty impressed.

My big challenge is figuring out where to put the receiver when I’m sleeping. I need a nightstand.

p.s. — I’ve been playing around with Tidepool’s Blip app. I like it! It made the snazzy chart above.

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