Step 5

Step 5: Use CGM. Once upon a time I used a continuous glucose monitor, and it was helpful . . . when it worked. It didn’t work often enough for me to trust it, though, so I stopped using it. As a result, I slept better, but I lost insight into my blood sugar. My A1c went up. My confidence went down.

So . . . Try using a better CGM. Everyone seems to love Dexcom, and I’ve had my own since Tuesday. So far so good.

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One Response to Step 5

  1. scully says:

    I’m stoked for you for getting a Dexcom!
    I’m pretty sure you and I have had our fair share of gripes over the Minimed system. What the hell were they even selling?! Garbage. That’s what.

    I want a Dexcom more than anything. Let me know how your own personal comparison goes. Your opinion matters to me!

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