Step 7

Step 7: Get believable basal rates and carb ratios. They have a huge impact on how my day plays out, but it’s been a while since I verified these basic settings. They’re the baseline for changes that I need to make to accommodate my workouts and races, and they will be critical in eliminating a lot of the “winging it” that I’ve done recently.

Awesome Endo’s Awesome NP and I have decided to start with an afternoon basal test, since that part of the day is my biggest problem area right now. Eventually, we will progress our way around the clock, checking evening, overnight, and morning settings, too.

I had hoped to start yesterday, but I underestimated breakfast, which caused me to be too high for the test. I’m going to try again this afternoon.

Now is as good of a time for a confession as any: I exercised this morning. Awesome NP (and everyone else) has said to do basal tests without exercise beforehand to “reduce the number of variables” that could change my insulin sensitivity. Eventually I will test again on a weekday where I didn’t fitness in the morning, but I wanted to do one on a day that’s like my typical day, which means training. I figure, I’ll give Awesome NP both sets of data and we can decide with as much context as possible.

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