Step 9

Step 9: Communicate more with my diabetes team. Thanks to my health network’s patient portal, I’m in closer contact with Awesome Endo and Awesome NP than ever before. This option isn’t exactly new, but I haven’t made much use of it with my endo’s office before this visit. (See step 6.) As we test and adjust my basal rates, this kind of quick contact is going to be the key to getting it figured out.

(Can I just say how much I really value health portals? In addition to having secure “e-mail” with Awesome Endo and Awesome NP, I can see my test results, immunization record, and vital signs from my office visits. Healthcare providers and their staff complain whenever their provider network changes the EHR and HIMS they use—which I understand—but it is so nice to have access to it. We can go so much further: prescription refill details, all my diabetes data as part of my EHR, etc. It’s a brave new world.)

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