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RAGBRAI, Here I Come!

Last night I “attended” a webinar about RAGBRAI, which I will be doing at the end of the month. I’m starting to get excited about it and the roadtrip to follow. “What’s RAGBRAI?” you ask. Sometimes I forget that some … Continue reading

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Try Try Again

It’s not a secret that I’ve been frustrated with the Medtronic Enlite sensor. I started using it in January but never could quite get it to work as well as I had expected (i.e., well enough to deserve the label … Continue reading

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My friend’s Ironman

Last weekend, my high school friend Ian did Ironman Coeur d’Alene. We used to run all over Casper, Wyoming, together and travel the state on debate and cross country trips. When I asked him how the race went, here was … Continue reading

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Random bits of Kona

I talk to myself a fair bit when I’m training. Usually it’s happy, encouraging talk to get me through a tough spot. (Or it’s just ridiculous nonsense that pops into my brain to crack me up until I get sick … Continue reading

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My exercise week during the summer (ideally) looks something like this: Monday: Swim in the morning Tuesday: Bike to work (about 18 miles), run off the bike (about 3-4 miles). Bike home from work. Wednesday: Swim in the morning. Run … Continue reading

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Diabetes, Please See a Gate Agent at the Podium

I wrote this on the plane and posted right after we got home from the airport . . . at 1:30AM. Lisa and I have been experiencing our fair share of travel shenanigans recently. Two weeks ago on our way to Oregon our … Continue reading

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The D.O.C. Needs a Dark, Brooding, Imperfect, Badass-Wannabe Like Me

You may have noticed that I don’t write quite so much about diabetes here as I used to. (About my diabetes, that is.) If you and I are friends on the The Facebook, you might have also noticed that I … Continue reading

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The Truth Comes Out

Lisa and I were discussing a college classmate who was seeking some inspiration/accountability on Facebook to get herself to the pool. This particular friend exercises a lot—I mean a lot—and when I mentioned her obsession extreme exercising habits, Lisa said, … Continue reading

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Executing My Plan: 2014 NE Season Opener

I originally wrote this on the 13th . . . of May. Oops! Somewhere between drafting it and adding the pictures, a month passed. Sorry to keep you waiting. I love racing! That’s all there is to it. I’m pretty good (but not … Continue reading

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An Update

Remember last year when my friend Nina McConigley came to Boston to read from her book? Well, it turns out that she is longlisted for the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award! She is also on the longlist for the … Continue reading

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Fun with Tiny Computers

Every once in a while, I get a little geeky. Given my CareLink data hacking, this probably isn’t much of a surprise. Until recently, all my geekiness has been software-oriented. I never took any electronics or circuits classes as a … Continue reading

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Swimming to a Better Place

After years of doubting and denying it, it’s time to fess up: I’m pretty OK at swimming. Sure, I can find lots of aspects about my technique and speed that I wouldn’t mind improving. Bilateral breathing and flip turns? Still … Continue reading

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Ooo… Fancy

I was playing around with Mesmeride yesterday. The free service visualizes your Strava data files as if they were European grand tour stages. As befits a grand tour, all of the distances are in kilometers and the heights are in … Continue reading

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MWDs: Mice with Diabetes

On Monday, Lisa and I were at a Memorial Day picnic with a bunch of Grinnell alums. As it happens, the party’s host does a lot of research with transgenic, or “knockout” mice. These furry little guys have had part … Continue reading

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Winter Is Coming

I think I broke summer. It was below 40°F (4°C) when I left the house this morning to ride to work. And it wasn’t much warmer yesterday afternoon when I went for a run. A week ago, I had optimistically … Continue reading

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