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Artisinal Data Visualization

While looking around the web for interesting ways to visualize diabetes data, I came across Jana Beck’s iPancreas blog and her foray into D-data visualization. There I found a link to Sarah Groff-Palermo’s talk from August about “Artisanal Data on … Continue reading

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With apologies to Skee-Lo . . . Here’s an extract from Blünt Lancet’s new album. I wish I was on a box of Wheaties. Wish I had faster feeties. Wish my blood when drawn was a little less sweeties. I wish I had … Continue reading

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Somehow I simultaneously (1) brought down my estimated A1c over the last 30 days, (2) reduced the variability of my readings overall, and (3) added many more outliers. The true outliers (the red “+” markers) are mostly on the higher … Continue reading

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Fuckity fuck fuck fuck! I know that my lab results are just numbers, but an A1c of 8.9 is a rather troubling one. It’s time to take a really hard look at what I’m doing and make some changes.

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Snowy Dia de los Muertos!

Last season, I learned a really valuable lesson about winter riding: If you wear the right clothing, there’s no reason you have to stop just because the temperature drops near freezing. (Although I do stop once the snow starts accumulating … Continue reading

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Lost in Berlin

We had a midday flight returning from Berlin, and I wasn’t ready to be done sight-seeing, so I decided that going for a little run would be a perfect way to take in a bit more of the city. The … Continue reading

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Wednesday, 5:45AM: Episode #213

Things I can’t post about without seeming super creepy #37: Attractive people at morning lap swim. And that’s all I have to say about that.

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Earlier this month, Lisa and I went to Berlin. Here are few notes from my journal and some photographs, too. 10 October 2014 — We’re having a pretty relaxed time here in Berlin so far. Berlin is interesting . . . in a … Continue reading

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Forest to Park to Forest

Saturday morning I went for my longest trail run ever. I’ve been thinking about this run for over a year, since I first discovered that it’s possible to link the trails in Upton State Forest and Hopkinton’s Whitehall State Park. … Continue reading

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MATLAB, HDF5, and Reference Datatypes

Editor’s note: This post, which has been sitting around for years (literally!) while I put the finishing touches on it, is for all of the techies out there. You know who you are. Everyone else, I’ll get back to the … Continue reading

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The “Just In Case” Scenario

It’s easy to read posts on diabetes blogs and get the sense that we’re not letting diabetes slow us down at all. That we’re invincible. That, sure it’s an annoyance, but we’ve totally got this. I don’t think any of … Continue reading

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Workout Power Mix… Not!

Pool Guy has started to play music in the mornings over a loudspeaker on the pool deck. This is why last week I heard Katy Perry and other pop singers whenever I pushed off the wall. (Plus the beep-beep-beep of … Continue reading

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Three Rides

A few people have asked me some variant of this question, “Now that you’re done with tri season for the year how are you keeping?” I tell them that I love this time of the year because I can do … Continue reading

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Three Rides’ Data

Over the last eight days, I did three big rides of 65, 102, and 72 miles. I’ve been treating each of my rides as experiments, trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing with diabetes and exercise by the … Continue reading

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Fourth Grade Math to the Rescue!

Earlier today, I found myself trapped in a “knowledge forum.” The meeting’s content wasn’t right for me, but I had picked a chair where I couldn’t easily leave. Worse, after returning home late from last night’s Emmylou Harris concert, I … Continue reading

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