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The One Where I’m on a Podcast

After casually dropping enough hints that I might be interested in appearing on Just Talking, Christopher interviewed me yesterday for his diabetes/gaming/all-things-Christopher podcast. It was a hoot! Listen here . . .

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Thoughts from a Thursday Morning

In honor of the company meeting earlier this morning, here are some of the things I’ve learned and thoughts I’ve had this morning . . . bullet point style: I can’t decide whether Arcade Fire’s new album, “Suburbs,” is completely, utterly pretentious and … Continue reading

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It’s been a busy month since we returned from Paris on March 17th. Ten days ago I drove down to DC for the weekend to see Looking In: Robert Frank’s The Americans at the National Gallery of Art. And last … Continue reading

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Blown Away

Last night we went to a baseball game. The Casper Ghosts — no jokes please! — and the Ogden Raptors had played two complete innings of Rookie League (Advanced) minor league baseball when the umpires called the game on account … Continue reading

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Finally a No-hitter

Clay Buchholz pitched a no-hitter tonight. It wasn’t perfect — he hit a batter and walked a few — but it was just his second major league baseball game. Ever. What a great game! The game had so much drama … Continue reading

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Milwaukee, Not so bad after all

Friends, I think I’ve made my peace with Milwaukee. Our problems started fourteen years ago, really got going seven years back and moderated a bit since then. Today, I can say that I like Milwaukee. You see, in my first … Continue reading

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Gyro ball?

News flash! Fox 25 News broadcaster Maria Stephanos reports that the Red Sox’s newest pitcher, Daisuke (Dice-K) Matsuzaka is actually Dino Matsusakis from Sommerville. Red Sox GM Theo Epstein (D-Newton) and pitcher Curt Schilling (R-Westwood) discovered the young phenom at … Continue reading

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Four in a Row

I have goals in life — many of them involve watching baseball. In particular, I want to see (1) a perfect game and (2) an unassisted triple play. I almost saw Mussina retire 27 batters in a row on TV, … Continue reading

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Alas, not a no-hitter

My last cryptic post left a few wondering. But baseball superstitions have few equals. I kept getting distracted from my course readings as the Tiger’s Bonderman retired the first six batters then the first twelve, and then got the next … Continue reading

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The game

Yes, I’m doing my homework. And, yes, I’m watching the Yankees-Tigers game. And, yes, it’s very exciting. And, no, I can’t talk about it now. More — hopefully much more — later.

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Journal Entry: September 2, 2001

Unbelievably, I cannot sleep. Lisa and I watched Mike Mussina of the New York Yankees retire the first 26 Red Sox batters he faced before giving up a two-strike single to that no-good Carl Everett. The home team went down … Continue reading

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Hazel Mae, Hazel Mae

Yeah, this tribute to NESN broadcaster Hazel Mae is creepy. But who doesn’t admire TV anchorpeople?

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The Midwest in Pictures, Part 2

See what we saw and read all about it.

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Carl Crawford just stole home against the Red Sox. The first time I’ve seen that. Score that a single through the gap. He stole second, advanced on a sacrifice, and stole home.

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The Banks of the Ohio

In the waning days of our trip, we spent a fair bit of time along the banks of the Ohio River. Our first glimpse was along the bluffs outside Leavenworth, Indiana. That was on day one of a two-day impromptu … Continue reading

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