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Let Me See Them Hands

I noticed a trend recently of hands showing up in my photographs from museums. Here are some of my favorites. Do you recognize any of these hands? (Click on any image to enlarge it. You can also start at the … Continue reading

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The One Where I give You Pictures from Provence instead of Details

I don’t have much time to write these days. It’s the downside of being here. After not finishing dinner until 9:00PM (or later) and someone needing to get up at 6:00AM, there’s not a lot of time left over. (But … Continue reading

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Finding My Inner Woo

Last Saturday I went to New York City for the second weekend in a row. On the 30th, Lisa and I went to the “Savage Beauty” exhibit of Alexander McQueen haute couture clothing at the Met. It was phenomenal! Definitely … Continue reading

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Diabetes Snapshots: Paint Talks

Day 6 of Diabetes Blog Week: Snapshots! In case you didn’t know: I’m in DC. I drove down here yesterday (Friday) to see a major Gauguin exhibit at the National Gallery of Art and to see some people from the … Continue reading

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Random Bits of Awesome – February 2010

Dear readers, it’s time for a roundup of topics that just aren’t big enough for their own posts. I’m just going to jumble them all together. Enjoy! It’s Olympics time. Woo! I don’t understand people who profess not to love … Continue reading

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Good Times at the MFA Boston

This evening I went to the MFA to see the current exhibits. I was delighted by all of the daily life figurines that were part of the Tomb 10A exhibit. The Harry Callahan exhibit was small but enjoyable, and it … Continue reading

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