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Step 8

Step 8: Record the data. That should actually say, “Record and act on the data.” I’ve been recording all of my diabetes data—fingerstick BGs, CGM values, carb consumption, insulin delivery, exercise details, infusion set changes, etc.—for the better part of … Continue reading

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First Thoughts on the Dexcom G5

I’m coming up on the end of my first Dexcom G5 sensor, which is to say six days. (Yes, I’ll be trying to restart it and see how good zombie sensors can be.) So far I’m really pleased. It largely … Continue reading

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Reading Diabetes Data from Tidepool into MATLAB

Here’s what I did over the weekend with the help of my awesome coworker Kelly. Yup that’s (almost?) all of my diabetes data from Medtronic Carelink, which I uploaded to Tidepool. Yay!

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I’m Feeling Lucky

Things I Googled this evening: Dexcom G5 Animas Vibe — As in, “Does the Dexcom G5 work with the Animas Vibe?” — It doesn’t look like it . . . yet. Of course, to communicate with the G5 the Animas has to talk … Continue reading

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Back in the Black

Here’s a snapshot of the previous 25 weeks of Ironman training: All of this data comes from my Garmin, which has tracked (almost) all of my swims, bikes, runs, hikes, kayak paddling, strength workouts, and cross-country ski outings (which I … Continue reading

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Reading: Machine Learning and Diabetes

Currently reading: “A Machine Learning Approach to Predicting Blood Glucose Levels for Diabetes Management” [PDF] (Plis, Bunescu, Marling, Shubrook, and Schwartz 2014) “Machine Learning for Diabetes Decision Support” [PDF] (Wiley 2011) “Blood Glucose Level Prediction using Physiological Models and Support … Continue reading

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The Scientific Method – Part 1

My little notebook of diabetes and exercise details is turning out to be really helpful. (My own diabetes software tools have been invaluable at aggregating all of the information and helping me retrospectively look at it.) Tuesday night I gathered … Continue reading

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Artisinal Data Visualization

While looking around the web for interesting ways to visualize diabetes data, I came across Jana Beck’s iPancreas blog and her foray into D-data visualization. There I found a link to Sarah Groff-Palermo’s talk from August about “Artisanal Data on … Continue reading

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Somehow I simultaneously (1) brought down my estimated A1c over the last 30 days, (2) reduced the variability of my readings overall, and (3) added many more outliers. The true outliers (the red “+” markers) are mostly on the higher … Continue reading

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Three Rides’ Data

Over the last eight days, I did three big rides of 65, 102, and 72 miles. I’ve been treating each of my rides as experiments, trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing with diabetes and exercise by the … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Medtronic Enlite CGM Sensor

A couple months ago, I wrote about my frustration with the Medtronic Enlite CGM sensor. It was the follow up to my first impressions post, which was actually my view four months in. Those dispatches, along with the one about … Continue reading

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Fun with Tiny Computers

Every once in a while, I get a little geeky. Given my CareLink data hacking, this probably isn’t much of a surprise. Until recently, all my geekiness has been software-oriented. I never took any electronics or circuits classes as a … Continue reading

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I’ve been gathering all of my diabetes related data for more than a year now: carbs, boluses, BG readings, CGM traces, exercise data, insulin changes, etc. Almost all of this data is automatically generated and captured through my pump/CGM, and … Continue reading

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Working on the A1c

I was really early for my endocrinology appointment this morning. It was one of those “arrive really early or struggle to make it on time” choices that had me sitting around in the hospital cafeteria, leisurely eating a muffin and … Continue reading

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All Together Now: Integrating the Diabetes App

Hey, y’all. Sorry I’ve been mostly absent recently. I’ve been making stuff, and it feels pretty good. I don’t get to code quite as much as I used to at work, and this (*ahem*) little project has been giving me … Continue reading

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