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Here’s a multiple-choice question. On Saturday I… Did something very silly; Went on a quest; Kept a friend company during a fundraiser; Watched TV all day; Ate food every half hour; Rode my longest/farthest indoors; Rode my farthest on a … Continue reading

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“I Was Never Told…”

This. Just this. I learned a bit from the people who were there [at my diagnosis] to teach me. But I learned the most from just living the experience. I learned. I adopted that knowledge into my new reality and … Continue reading

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Somehow I simultaneously (1) brought down my estimated A1c over the last 30 days, (2) reduced the variability of my readings overall, and (3) added many more outliers. The true outliers (the red “+” markers) are mostly on the higher … Continue reading

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Fuckity fuck fuck fuck! I know that my lab results are just numbers, but an A1c of 8.9 is a rather troubling one. It’s time to take a really hard look at what I’m doing and make some changes.

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Snowy Dia de los Muertos!

Last season, I learned a really valuable lesson about winter riding: If you wear the right clothing, there’s no reason you have to stop just because the temperature drops near freezing. (Although I do stop once the snow starts accumulating … Continue reading

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Forest to Park to Forest

Saturday morning I went for my longest trail run ever. I’ve been thinking about this run for over a year, since I first discovered that it’s possible to link the trails in Upton State Forest and Hopkinton’s Whitehall State Park. … Continue reading

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The “Just In Case” Scenario

It’s easy to read posts on diabetes blogs and get the sense that we’re not letting diabetes slow us down at all. That we’re invincible. That, sure it’s an annoyance, but we’ve totally got this. I don’t think any of … Continue reading

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Three Rides’ Data

Over the last eight days, I did three big rides of 65, 102, and 72 miles. I’ve been treating each of my rides as experiments, trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing with diabetes and exercise by the … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Medtronic Enlite CGM Sensor

A couple months ago, I wrote about my frustration with the Medtronic Enlite CGM sensor. It was the follow up to my first impressions post, which was actually my view four months in. Those dispatches, along with the one about … Continue reading

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Tires and Tiaras

Editor’s note: I wrote this on the plane back from the JDRF’s Ride to Cure Diabetes in Lake Tahoe. It’s a little long, and if you don’t feel like reading it, here’s the twitter synopsis: I celebrated my 15th year … Continue reading

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Catching up with the Researchers (and Miss Idaho)

I’ve been slowly catching up with the state of diabetes research that was announced around the time I was on vacation. Almost all of these advances are very early in their R&D lifecycle—some that sound promising might go nowhere—but it’s … Continue reading

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Try Try Again

It’s not a secret that I’ve been frustrated with the Medtronic Enlite sensor. I started using it in January but never could quite get it to work as well as I had expected (i.e., well enough to deserve the label … Continue reading

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My exercise week during the summer (ideally) looks something like this: Monday: Swim in the morning Tuesday: Bike to work (about 18 miles), run off the bike (about 3-4 miles). Bike home from work. Wednesday: Swim in the morning. Run … Continue reading

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Diabetes, Please See a Gate Agent at the Podium

I wrote this on the plane and posted right after we got home from the airport . . . at 1:30AM. Lisa and I have been experiencing our fair share of travel shenanigans recently. Two weeks ago on our way to Oregon our … Continue reading

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The D.O.C. Needs a Dark, Brooding, Imperfect, Badass-Wannabe Like Me

You may have noticed that I don’t write quite so much about diabetes here as I used to. (About my diabetes, that is.) If you and I are friends on the The Facebook, you might have also noticed that I … Continue reading

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