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The Judgment of Paris

I’ve been a bit busy ’round these parts, trying to tie up loose ends. Yesterday I finished Ross King’s The Judgment of Paris (2006). The tome chronicles the end of the Second Empire in France, the career of Édouard Manet, … Continue reading

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Catching Up

I — I finished off the bottle of sugar-free Robitussin DM yesterday. That must mean I’m well now, right? II — Yesterday morning, I went for a long run around Milford, Hopkinton, and Holliston. The 12.5 miles were a bit slower than they might … Continue reading

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Before There Was Facebook: A Short, Subjective, Incomplete Insider’s History of PlanetAll

This is one of the posts that I wrote on Wednesday during the great NaBloPoMo purge of 2011. My first job out of college was as a “Customer Service Ambassador” at PlanetAll, a startup in Cambridge, Mass. Before there was … Continue reading

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Some Patriots’ Day Thoughts on Militias and Tyrants

Sometimes, things happen that almost immediately crystallize an aspect of one’s life, splitting it into a time before the event and after. Your parent takes a job in a sparsely populated Western state and moves the whole family. A plane … Continue reading

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Photography Podcasts

I am a serious podcast junkie. I currently have over 16 days of unheard podcasts. News, arts and culture take up most of my bandwidth. Recently — and by that I mean the last few months — I’ve been working … Continue reading

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In the shadow of Major Long

Longs Peak – Rocky Mountain NP (Click for larger) The early part of our travels led us to the northwestern-most point of the first federally funded expedition to the west which included professionally trained scientists and artists. Unlike the Lewis … Continue reading

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Denver: Gateway to the West

First off, to all my Canadian brethren and sistren, happy Canada Day. I’m still not 100% sure what you’re celebrating, but I’m glad that our Civil War scared you into confederation. Sorry if you thought we were gunning for you … Continue reading

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Bibliography of Early National Period and Western History

I just realized I have this biggish, vaguely-annotated bibliography of almost 400 works on early American and Western American history. It’s neither current nor authoritative and only goes through 2002, but it’s free and might have a hidden gem or … Continue reading

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Worcester v. Georgia, or what I read on the beach in the Bahamas

It’s time for me to own up to something: I possess a much larger than average collection of books and notes about the Indian Removal Act, the Early National Period, and the Nullification Crisis. Like Louis P. Masur, I think … Continue reading

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Afghan history since 1978

If you can believe it, I once made a serious go at becoming a historian. I wanted to go to history grad school, but I hadn’t taken any coursework as an undergrad. Feeling extremely self-conscious and very far behind, I … Continue reading

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