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All that is old is new again

I started photographing almost 30 years ago with my mother’s old film camera. (Once upon a time, all cameras used film, kids.) Not long after I started, I switched to slide film. I loved making those little 35mm gems, arranging … Continue reading

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They called my hair “The Aerofoil”

I’ve been cleaning up and cleaning out recently. While doing that, I came across a paper with my high school running times. It’s kinda fun to look at those results from 1990-91. I started my career as a middle- and … Continue reading

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Extra Extras!

I have extra diabetes stuff, and it can be yours if you need it. A few years ago, I switched from an older FreeStyle meter to a OneTouch meter. This left me with about 150 unused strips. I’m completely confident … Continue reading

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Friends with Diabetes

It’s Diabetes Blog Week again . . . yay! The last couple years were great, helping me meet so many wonderful people online with diabetes (POWDs?). Once again, Karen has done a fantastic job creating the topics and organizing the logistics. Kudos to … Continue reading

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Things You Should Be Reading – Pastries, Cats, and C++ Edition

It’s time to clear out some of the backlog of interesting things I’ve read or seen recently. Enjoy! I’m not sure I agree with the always-awesome Becky Furuta in this post about hypothetically trading diabetes and its benefits for not … Continue reading

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Shuffling Through

Friends, I need you to tell me what music I should listen to next. Here is some context. Since sometime back in January—it seems like forever now—I have been shuffling through the “Four- & Five-Star” playlist on my iPod. [1] … Continue reading

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All Politics is Horse-racing

I’ll confess. I bought my first e-book over the weekend. See, it was like this. Saturday night Lisa was out singing her big, wonderful heart out in the second of three holiday concerts. I stayed home, since some friends and … Continue reading

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The CWD Info Clearinghouse

As mentioned in my previous post, this is just a short placeholder for you to post resources for newly minted parents of children with diabetes. I don’t really follow the CWD community . . . sorry, but I’d like to help a friend … Continue reading

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Beating the Advocacy Drum on the Day after World Diabetes Day

Yesterday was World Diabetes Day, the date that would be the 120th birthday of Frederick Banting, the principal investigator of the project that isolated insulin, preventing diabetes from being a death sentence for those of us who can’t make our … Continue reading

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Friends, I am not a hoarder. I’m certainly a collector: art photography journals, National Geographic magazines, 1/64-scale tractor models, empty insulin bottles. Lisa and I have jointly built quite a library of our own. I don’t think that’s a problem. … Continue reading

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French Films

I love film.* Good films. Well-acted, tightly edited films with reasonable plots that are cinematographic gems. I’m not infatuated with novelty, but if a film has a predictable plot, it had better be perfect in every other way. As a … Continue reading

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How to Stay Awake in Meetings, Episode #7

Sometimes I get bored in meetings. Here are some scribblings from one of my 2009 notebooks: Ενα “whiskey” σε παρακηλω! Le soleil sûr ma tête, ce me fait comme un bête. ΑΡΧΕ ΚΟΡΙΝΘΩΣ La pluie de l’Espagne reste pour le … Continue reading

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Early Ideas about Using Checklists in Software Engineering

Some months ago, I wrote a review of Atul Gawande’s Checklist Manifesto and about using checklists in software development. I’m pleased to say that it looks like I might get a chance to follow-up on that idea more in the … Continue reading

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Requirements . . . again

It’s the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day . . . time to clean out the files at work. Actually, this year at the office I’m going through all of my yellow notepads — about 17 of them. As I find something … Continue reading

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Smaller works by Arvo Pärt

I’ve been a big fan of Estonian minimalist composer Arvo Pärt since I heard a recording of “Te Deum” in 1993 or ’94. Since then I’ve listened to a lot of his recorded compositions, and I made myself a goal … Continue reading

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