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Sunil Gupta talks about Mr. Malhotra’s Party at Tate Modern

I haven’t done much with my perhaps overly ambitious project to examine contemporary Indian art photography. Last year on a short trip to the time-warp Iowa, I collected some notes on the many photographs I found on the web. And … Continue reading

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Perks of Infidelity

We stayed at a few Taj hotels last year in India, and they were all very nice. The one in Delhi is especially good. (Okay, so the website got a computer virus from their business centre, but the rooms were … Continue reading

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India’s nukes

Our train ride from Jodhpur became increasingly sandier the farther west we went toward Jaisalmer. Somewhere past Osiyan, the scrubby brush along the tracks ends, and the sand takes over completely. By the time we got to Pokaran (or Pokhran) … Continue reading

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India, the pre-coverage

Anybody who travels enough around the U.S. knows that our newspapers and news magazines can be lame. Not just lame, really lame. India’s English language press is our soul sister in this respect. Sure, I enjoyed the depth of the … Continue reading

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The presidential adventure

Our Guide at the Taj Mahal (2005) “As you can see, the fountains are off right now,” our guide told us. We had been told from the beginning of the ride by Baabloo, our rickshaw driver, not to get one; … Continue reading

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And from the travel desk…

In other news . . . Leslie tipped me off to Indian Writing which hooked me up with The Wonderful World of Ms. World, who is traveling around her namesake. On the Indian leg of her trip she had these … Continue reading

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“Just tell them you’re doing research for a book. That’s what we say in academia when we find ourselves getting more fixated on a topic than we probably ought.” Leslie’s suggestion seemed just credible enough to work. But I’m not … Continue reading

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Follow ups #1

Brain Drain: The Times ran an article yesterday saying that some Indians find they can go home again. Exurbs: Whilst searching for the Times article to link against last, week I chose “exurb” as my keyword. That led to an … Continue reading

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Things to do on a 14.5 hour flight

South Asian grad student and Chapati Mystery author Sepoy posted a link to a list of ways to stave off the boredom on the flight to India. Righteously cranky!

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Indian guide to etiquette

Don’t walk naked in Rajasthan. That’s but one of the many tips to tourists in a new guide issued in India’s northwestern state. I sure hope Lisa and I didn’t violate any sensibilities while we were there.

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Reflections on religion

By and large, India — the world’s largest democracy — seems at ease with being the world’s largest pluralist society. The prime minister is Sikh. The head of the ruling government, Sonia Gandhi, is an Italian-born Christian. Statistically, this would be like the U.S. having a Jew for president and a Muslim heading the GOP. (Okay, that kind of made me chuckle…) Continue reading

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India as I saw it

My images from India are now online. Go See Them!

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New photography site on the way

Okay, I’m definitely going digital . . . in about two years when I can afford the camera I want. (Until then I’ll have to settle for avarice.) The relative ease of getting Lisa’s pictures off her digital camera compared … Continue reading

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This is a test . . . in Hindi

This is a test. I’m going to try to put some Devanagari text containing a couple of Hindi sentences into this post. I have it working in Microsoft Word. Let’s see if it works here. नमस्ते । मैं जेफ हूँ … Continue reading

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100% digital images

Unencumbered by artefact, the digital images from Lisa’s camera are now online. Eventually I will get around to making the page look nicer and also add a section for my film-bound images. . . .

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